Advisory Services

In today’s challenging marketplace, owners, lenders and other potential sellers are seeking new insights.

There is no “one size fits all” solution.

The key is to rapidly determine which assets can be re-tooled and to patiently re-position for success. Having effectively operated through several real estate cycles, we draw from a unique perspective and understanding of each cycle’s dynamics. Our experience also helps us quickly change course and apply creative solutions when familiar tools are no longer useful.

One thing is for certain – “highest and best use” means shifting to respond to new permanent forces: transportation, energy cost, environment, lifestyle and capital markets. These evolving forces are the lighthouses for tomorrow’s success and we make it our business to keep close vigil for the long view.

Our focus and purpose is singular:

To create, maximize and preserve value in your current asset in order to take full advantage of its position in the marketplace.

This takes vision.

It means going beyond addressing a crisis to creating new opportunities – one asset at a time.

New Urban West has a long and distinguished track record of working with major institutions – Chevron, AMB Property, CalPERS, just to name a few. We understand the long-range view and how quickly it can come to pass – so we are fanatic about staying agile and course correct constantly.

We provide and oversee all aspects of traditional land asset planning and management.

Where we set ourselves apart is in our big picture, value creation approach.